Varses herein be by CatalinaThePirate, Mad_Jack, and SirChristopherMings (CTP, MJ, SCM),
'n' th' purdy eloominashun be by CTP.

Blackbeard by MJ&SCM Blackbeard by MJ&SCM Hands by SCM Drake by SCM&CTP Kidd by SCM Tew/Avery by CTP/MJ L'Ollonais by SCM Morgan by SCM O'Malley by CTP Roberts by SCM Bonney by SCM Rackham by CTP&MJ&SCM Read by SCM Bonnett by SCM LeVasseur by SCM Quelch by SCM Portuguese by SCM LeGrande by SCM

Ye ken we been foolin' w'ye, now set yer spyglass on th' genuwine artikle:
The REAL tomb of Le Vasseur (in French)
Peter Easton, the "Pirate Admiral"
Grace O'Malley, Clare Island Abbey
Sir Francis Drake's burial at sea
Captain Kidd's execution
Charles Vane's story
An incredible site about Bartholomew Roberts
Sir Henry Morgan, Jamaica