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Contents: DXN Membership plan, one each of DXN's RG 30 and GL 30 count capsules Lifetime Membership Price $43.00


If you become a lifetime member of DXN's growing team of healthy happy people, you can buy the product at member price and if it works for you, we know you'll tell other people about it.  You don't have to sell to be a member, but once you start using DXN's ganoderma products and people see how energetic and healthy you've become, they're all going to want to know what you're using and where you're getting it.  Send them here if you like, or why not sell to them at retail what you have bought at a member price?  If you meet certain qualifications, you will automatically get a monetary bonus and residual payments from your referrals.  The rewards could be well worth your efforts!

Our simple business plan and one bottle each of RG30 and GL30 is included with your membership kit, enough product to get you started for approximately 2 1/2 weeks if you take the recommended dosage.

Lifetime Membership Price $43.00

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Independent Distributor
Business Plan in .PDF Format (1.27MB)

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