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Ganozhi Shampoo with Ganoderma Lucidum. Feed your scalp and get sparkling hair.

Active Ingredients: Ganoderma and Vitamin B5 Retail Price $13.50

Ganozhi Shampoo nourishes the hair follicle which promotes the growth of new hair, and its mild and gentle formula makes your hair manageable, soft and healthy, smelling fresh and looking sparkling and beautifully shiny all day long.  Ganozhi Shampoo is also specially formulated to help balance the nerve endings on your head, thus helping you to relieve pressure and relax.  While many other shampoos on the market contains fluorescence (which will cause damage to hair), Ganozhi Shampoo does not.  It is pH balanced, mild, and suitable for all types of hair.  A great compliment to our Body Foam!

Member Price $11.50

Ganozhi Bath Gel with Ganoderma Lucidum. Nourish your skin to a healthy glow.

Ingredients: Ganoderma Lucidum extracts and natural perfume, with no coloring added. Retail Price $13.50

Enriched with Ganoderma extracts, Body Foam gently cleanses your skin without removing natural oils, leaving your skin soft and luxuriously smooth.  Body Foam can beautify your skin and help relieve any skin problems (such as psoriasis or acne), while also helping to balance nerve endings.  This is a great way to relax and freshen up naturally!

Member Price $11.50

Ganozhi Soap with Ganoderma Lucidum. Great for your face! 2 count.

Ingredients: Ganoderma Lucidum, Palm Oil Retail Price $8.00

Feel the difference with Ganozhi Soap, a luxurious preparation which nourishes your skin with all goodness of Lingzhi and Palm Oil.  Ganozhi Soap helps to correct skin imperfections and restores the skin to its natural luminescent glow, while at the time preserving its natural oils without damaging skin structure.

It contains Polysaccharides that function to inhibit body cell damage and prevent the growth of abnormal cells.  It also helps to rejuvenate the skin by refining skin structure and delaying the aging process.  The palm oil ingredient is enriched with Vitamin E and anti-oxidant agents which make your skin look its best and feel silky smooth.  It can also alleviate the symptoms of skin diseases (such as psoriasis), allergic reactions, fungal infections and acne.  Sold in a pack of two, it's the ideal soap for face and body.

Member Price $6.90

Ganozhi Toothpaste with Ganoderma Lucidum. Your teeth will sparkle, your gums will look healthy, and your breath will be sweet.

Ingredients: ganoderma, food gel, menthol, and food flavoring Retail Price $8.00

Different from other toothpaste on the market, Ganozhi Toothpaste is made of ganoderma, food gel, menthol, and food flavoring, and does not contain any coloring.  It also does not contain saccharin, fluoride or polishing grit, thus it can protect the teeth, eliminate detrimental germs, and reduce gum bleeding.  Ganozhi toothpaste can effectively cleanse the teeth, leaving a pleasant smell in the mouth, plus help make your teeth brighter and your gums healthier.  The ganoderma it contains will enhance your lymphatic system, hence it helps stabilize nerves and moods.  Start and end your day with a good brushing with Ganozhi Toothpaste!  You will soon see a brighter, healthier smile looking back at you from your mirror.

Member Price $6.90